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Free domestic shipping on orders $75 and up. Code: FS75
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About us

Skinrequisite was created for the conscious consumer who refuses to risk their health for beauty. We set impeccable standards in purity, potency and quality of our products.

Skinrequisite is a nutrient powerhouse, high performance result driven skincare defined to help rejuvenate, nourish, repair and beautify your skin. 

Our botanicals are backed up by science, scientifically shown to be more powerful and effective to the skin that their conventional counterparts. Inspired by Ayurveda, over 7000 years old holistic healing system of vitality, optimal wellness and ageless beauty. 

Skinrequisite is free of fillers, silicons, artificial fragrance and dies, petroleum, pesticides, sulfates, phthalates, GMO, synthetic stabilizers..

With the fewer ingredients, you are getting a higher concentration of glow-inducing, age-defying Phyto-nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino and fatty acids for peak skin health and immunity. 

Active ingredients are used at correct percentages and chosen for their low allergenic, sensitizing and irritant potential to provide maximal skin immunity, restore skin elasticity, moisture, texture and tone.

100% Roots, seeds, flowers, fruits, plants, herbs, minerals and vitamins.

Meet the Founder 

Kamila Starczewski 

Kamila was raised in Poland and early on began her journey into the world of healthy living. Her knowledge of botanicals was passed onto her from generations and continued to immerse her studies of plants till today.

Growing up she was taught by her grandmother about cultural traditions, holistic medicine and the effectiveness of botanicals. Her grandmother was an ageless beauty icon, and Kamila was eager to learn all her beauty secrets. As a young girl she watched her grandmother performing daily rituals straight from the earth: using peeled skin from potatoes to remove dark spots on her hands, chamomile to lighten her hair, fresh strawberries and yogurt to exfoliate her skin..Her grandmother’s cabinets were filled with “magical” potions, botanical extracts which she formulated herself from the plants she grew in her garden. “Natural Beauty is the only Beauty”, grandma said.

Kamila after graduating high school in Poland moved for college to New York to study business. The city’s busy lifestyle took a great toll on her health and wellness. She quickly realized, that living a healthy lifestyle in a big city was very challenging. She took a great interest in nutrition and physical health education and received certifications to become a wellness, nutrition and exercise coach, a career she continued for over a decade. 

In her early 30s she started showing first signs of aging and her skin began to suffer from cystic acne, fine lines, broken capillaries and hyperpigmentation. She became a frustrated consumer struggling to find skincare products that met her standards. Terrified of all the synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals in mainstream skincare she started making her own skincare preparations. She studied how to formulate products and became a New York licensed esthetician. While in beauty school she became popular for her beauty formulations and her first repeated customers were her fellow classmates and teachers. By the time she received her Skincare Specialist License, Skinrequisite has become a published company.